Having a strong and dependable support system is essential for anyone going through a divorce. The best support systems help men through every aspect of the dissolution of their marriages, whether it’s from a social standpoint, a legal standpoint, or a financial standpoint. Divorce takes a major toll on everyone that it affects, and trying to go it alone often results in a delayed mental and emotional recovery process—not to mention a greater likelihood to make bad decisions.

Having the right people on your “divorce team” can make all the difference when it comes to emerging from your separation in the strongest possible position. With supportive people and professionals working with your best interests in mind, you’ll come out the other side with a better outlook on life, a more optimistic view of the future, and a healthier financial situation.

Although there are many people who can and often do make up “divorce teams,” here are six essential figures that can help make your divorce a little less stressful and a lot more productive both during and after the physical and legal separation processes:

1. A loving family member—Whether it’s a parent, a sibling, a cousin, or anyone else in your immediate or extended family, trusted relatives can provide a source of support that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Family sticks together, and being able to count on your loved ones—especially a particular confidant who knows what’s best for you—can help you overcome the challenges you’ll face in the days to come. Having a family member to talk to gives you a person to bounce ideas off of, and work through personal issues with. Remember, however, that anything that you would like to be kept confidential should only be discussed with an attorney.

2. A trustworthy friend—Family comes first, but friends can make or break us when we’re going through tough times. If you have a close friend who you can talk to about your divorce, don’t be shy about leaning on him or her when you need help the most. A trusted friend can help you open up about what you’re going through while also keeping you focused on better days ahead. It’s also great to have someone to relax and have fun with when your stress levels become too much to bear. Finally, friends are often great sources of unbiased and objective advice and feedback, and they can help you make good decisions as you process and plan your next moves.

3. A counselor—Not every aspect of divorce is appropriate or comfortable to share with family members or friends, no matter how close or trustworthy they are. Divorce often causes people to go through long periods of intense soul-searching, and counselors are well-trained to help people navigate this difficult time in their lives. Finding the right counselor or therapist can be a challenge, and it’s okay to try several before you settle on one that’s a good match for your personality and your conversation style. In addition to helping you process the events that may have led to the dissolution of your marriage, a counselor can also help you plan a course for your life as you move forward.

4. A financial advisor—Financial assets are among the most contentious aspects of divorce. Even if you earned most or all of the money in your marriage, there’s a good chance you’ll have to share some of it with your former spouse. Having a financial advisor in your corner can help you make the right decisions both during and after your divorce. From helping you find ways to save money and grow your investments, to assisting with revised retirement plans and new tax burdens, a financial advisor can help prevent you from being caught off-guard by sudden money problems that catch many men by surprise.

5. A divorce mediator—If your spouse is willing to have a civil and productive conversation with you about your divorce and what’s best for both parties—as well as any children you may have—then having a divorce mediator can make all the difference. Divorce mediators are trained to help both sides reach agreements on major issues such as finances and child custody or visitation arrangements. They’re also trained to help both spouses communicate with each other more effectively during meetings or phone calls that may otherwise be hostile and unproductive.

6. A family law attorney—Ultimately, divorce is settled in courtrooms and through the legal system. That’s why it’s essential to get an experienced and dedicated divorce lawyer who can help you navigate this complex, confusing, and often stressful experience. Effective family law attorneys are those who understand the complexities and nuances of California divorce laws, can negotiate terms for both sides to create peaceful and quick resolutions to common problems, and don’t back down when faced with obstacles or roadblocks in the path of a favorable outcome. In addition, it’s also important to have a lawyer who is looking out for your best interests instead of just looking for a quick payday.

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