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Welcome to The Law Office of André J. Ausseresses, APC. When you’re facing divorce we know that what’s most important is custody that is in both you and your child’s best interest, along with a fair division of assets and debts and finding your way without undue stress. You need an experienced divorce lawyer that keeps things as simple as possible.

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We keep your rights, and the interests of your child, first in everything we do. We understand that separation and divorce can create stress, financial burdens, and emotion that you never expected. As the best family law attorney in Orange county, our focus and dedication is on you and your child, Because Your Family Matters!

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The Law Office of André J. Ausseresses, APC is a family law firm providing legal assistance in divorce, domestic violence, restraining orders, legal guardianships, paternity matter, child custody, child visitation, child support, alimony, and equitable property division. Serving all of Orange County, California.


Divorce isn’t something anyone takes lightly. Family law in California isn’t just confusing; it’s something that no one should have to muddle through alone.

Domestic Violence

Fighting for the Accused & Those Seeking Protection! Domestic Violence is very serious. If found liable, it may affect your custodial rights and even employment.

Legal Guardianships

Becoming the guardian of a child can make a huge difference in their life. However, becoming a guardian isn’t always easy. Having an experienced attorney on your side can help.

How to Prepare Your Home for an Upcoming Guardianship

If you’ve made the decision to become a guardian of a child, you have many things to prepare for. The biggest change is being responsible for the safety, education, medical treatment, and overall well-being of another person. This requires a great deal of time,...

Important Things to Know About Restraining Orders in California

One of the most important and effective tools for protecting victims of domestic violence is a restraining order. Also known as a protective order in California, this court order makes it illegal for a person to have contact with another person in order to prevent...

What You Should Know about the Types of Guardianships in California

Guardianships are extremely important for the wellbeing and development of children throughout California. They allow kids who otherwise may be in uncertain living situations instead be placed in stable and comfortable homes. But just as every child in need of a...

10 Signs You’re in an Abusive Relationship

Domestic abuse can take many forms, as can the types of relationships where it can occur. It most commonly happens among married couples, dating couples, previously married or dating couples, and people who are living together. And while it can often take the form of...

Important Information to Know About Temporary Guardianships

When many people think of becoming the guardian of a child, they think of it lasting for years, or even until the child turns 18 and becomes a legal adult. In addition, they may view guardianships as situations where children need to be removed from dangerous...

How to Be a Successful Guardian of a Child in California

Acting as the guardian of a child is a noble and extremely important role. When a child’s parents aren’t part of their life, whether it’s due to death, illness (both physical and mental), or distance, a guardian can step up and ensure that the child’s life maintains...

Accused of Domestic Violence? Don’t Make These Mistakes.

Being accused of domestic violence isn’t something to take lightly. Accusations alone are enough to tear apart families, derail careers, and send peaceful lives into turmoil. If you’ve recently been accused of domestic violence, avoiding certain mistakes and taking...

Steps to Take If You Believe You’re a Domestic Violence Victim

If you believe you’re a victim of domestic violence, there’s a good chance you are. Although many domestic violence cases involve physical violence, many involve emotional, sexual, and psychological violence. These variations can lead to some victims waiting to seek...

10 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Guardian

Becoming the legal guardian of a child can change the course of their life. Thousands of children in California need strong, caring, and attentive role models and caretakers, and guardians help fill those roles when parents cannot. And although becoming a guardian is...

Is It Possible to Regain Custody of Your Children from Their Guardian?

Guardianships are an important and effective way of ensuring that children are raised in stable and loving environments, especially when their relationships with their biological parents are strained due to martial problems, substance abuse, or other issues. In many...

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This firm really cared. They gave me personal attention when I was going through my divorce. I found them to be very detailed and kept me informed every step of the way. The took away the edge of what was a trying and stressful time for me. A competent, compassionate, thorough, personal and a professional law firm.

Shamshir T.

Chino Hills, CA

Caring and professional! Wouldn't go anywhere else! I have had a such a GREAT experience working with this team, I had to! Everyone in the office is knowledgeable, professional, kind and quick to respond. It would truly be a mistake to go anywhere else for the services they provide!

Lacy S.

Riverside, CA

They handled my case very well. They scoured through the details and supplied good communication so I always felt informed and clear about my position within the litigation. Each time we meet the staff was very informed and clear on the details of my case and goals for which I hired them.


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