If you were recently accused of domestic violence, you need to make dealing with this accusation your biggest priority in life. This is not a matter that you can put off or hope it resolves on its own. Domestic violence is a serious accusation with serious consequences, but thankfully, you have options if you’re accused.

The most important step after being accused of domestic violence is to contact a lawyer. Without a lawyer on your side, your chances of facing consequences for an accusation are high. That’s because momentum for these types of accusations is almost always behind the people who make them, even when evidence is flimsy or non-existent.

When you call the California family law attorneys at The Law Office of André J. Ausseresses, APC, here’s what you’ll get.

A Lawyer Can Give You Peace of Mind
People accused of domestic violence often find it difficult to focus on anything else. Knowing that you’ve got such a serious accusation hanging over your head can make it hard to sleep, work, exercise, or do anything productive. With a lawyer on your side, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that legal professionals are working hard to protect your rights during this difficult time.

A Lawyer Can Handle All Family Court-Related Communication
Another major source of stress during domestic violence situations is dealing with letters, phone calls, and messages from the California family court system. If you’re trying to defend yourself, this can be overwhelming. Missing a deadline, a court appearance, or an appointment can have devastating effects on your case. With our lawyers on your side, you won’t have to worry about overlooking important paperwork, deadlines, and appointments.

A Lawyer Can Protect Your Custody Arrangement
One of the most immediately devastating effects of a domestic violence accusation is a change in visitation or custody rights of the accused’s children. If you have kids, getting experienced legal representation is even more important and pressing, as your hard-fought arrangement can be erased instantly with little or no say on your part. Our lawyers will work hard to preserve your ability to see your children throughout the legal process.

A Lawyer Can Minimize the Impact of Previous Convictions on Your Case
If you’ve ever been arrested for any reason, including a simple misdemeanor, there’s a good chance that arrest will be brought to light during family court proceedings against you. No matter how irrelevant the arrest is or how long ago it happened, it can and will be used against you—unless you have experienced legal representation. Our legal team knows this tactic all too well, and we work hard to protect our clients when it’s used against them.

A Lawyer Can Protect You Against a Restraining Order
Restraining or protective orders are necessary in many domestic violence cases, but they can be extremely disruptive to the lives of the accused. If a restraining order has been proposed or issued against you that’s overly restrictive and interferes with your ability to work or live peacefully, it may be able to be overturned. Our lawyers can review all the facts and uphold your rights to live as normal of a life as possible during family court proceedings.

A Lawyer Can Help You Get the Accusation Dismissed
Most importantly of all, having a lawyer on your side can completely clear you of a domestic violence accusation. We accomplish this by collecting evidence that proves you couldn’t possibly have committed the acts of violence or abuse you’re accused of or that you acted in self-defense. Knowing what evidence to collect and how to present it properly and effectively requires many years of experience, and that’s exactly what we bring to the table.

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Time is of the essence if you’re accused of domestic violence. Every day that you wait to get legal representation is another day that the family court system and your accuser gain a significant advantage over you and the consequences of the accusations grow stronger and more disruptive to your life.

Because we know how stressful this time of your life can be, we offer free initial consultations. That means you don’t have to worry about expensive fees or invoices to tell us your story and to get our honest feedback on your case. Contact us today to get your free initial consultation—we want to put our years of experience to work for you.

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