Being the guardian of a child is a big job. The decisions you make while you’re entrusted with the care, education, and upbringing of a child can affect them for the rest of their life. Whether or not you already have kids of your own or have been a guardian to children in the past, you may have many questions and concerns about how to make the right decisions for their wellbeing.

The state of California has many resources for parents, including many that are specific to Anaheim and Orange County. Using these resources can help you and the child in your care adjust to your new lives as smoothly as possible.

City of Anaheim Youth Programs
The city of Anaheim has many youth programs to help keep kids occupied and engaged throughout the year. These programs include recreational games, arts, crafts, after-school programs, and special events.

Orange County Youth Sports Programs
Studies show that children who participate in sports have many advantages in life, including better cognitive skills, improved socialization, leadership skills, reduced risk of obesity, and a chance to learn how to work well with others as part of a team.

Orange County has many youth sports programs available for kids, including basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, baseball, swimming, and more.

Orange County Department of Education
There are more than two dozen school districts in Orange County, California. Depending on where you live, the child in your care may need to enroll in a new school that’s zoned for your home. This website includes links to all K-12 school districts in the county, and each district’s website has information on requirements for enrollment.

Children’s Health of Orange County
Being the guardian of a child means being responsible for their wellbeing, including their health and treatment when they get sick. Children’s Health of Orange County has a database of providers located throughout the area that can treat the child in your care, whether they need primary care, specialty services, mental health care, and more.

 City of Anaheim Summer Camps

Attending summer camp can be a highly positive and formative experience for children. Anaheim has many summer camps available for kids of all ages, and they range in focus from general summer camps, art camps, sports camps, academic camps, and specialty camps.

Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment Program
If you’re the guardian of a child who is related to you, you may be eligible for California’s Kin-GAP program. This allows you to receive a monthly payment.

Orange County Social Services
If you need assistance from social services in Orange County, this website has the names and phone numbers of organizations that can provide it. It also includes a link to the Orange County Social Services Agency website, which has information and resources for youth services and continuum of care programs.

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