Summer is quickly winding down, and many schools in Irvine will be back in session within a matter of weeks. The start of a new school year can be an exciting time for both kids and their parents, but it can be especially challenging for single parents, whether they have joint or sole custody of their children.

Following these tips can help ensure a smoother transition from the often unstructured days of summer to the more regimented schedule of a typical school year:

Purchase all necessary school supplies for your kids
To reduce the impact of summer breaks on the learning process, many schools and teachers now prefer to jump right into lesson plans when a new school year begins. To help your child be ready for a fast-paced learning environment, make sure he or she has all the supplies necessary for success in the classroom. School supply lists are often available at local office supply stores and supermarkets, and they’re also available online on most school websites.

Arrange bus schedules, pickups, drop-offs, and after-school activities
One of the biggest challenges of having kids in school is making sure they safely get to and from class, sports, and other extracurriculars every day. The process can be even more complicated when you share custody with their mother. Take the time to arrange a schedule for pickups and drop-offs, or if you’re unable to do so, make sure your children know where their bus stops are in the mornings and afternoons.

Hire a babysitter or help older children take care of younger siblings after school
Most schools let out earlier than end of business hours. That means your children may get home a few hours before you. Get a babysitter or arrange for your kids to enroll in after school activities so that they can be supervised before you get home. If you have older children in their mid-to-late teens, give them tips and rules for supervising their younger siblings while you’re away from home.

Re-establish schedules to better match the demands of the school year
Summer break is synonymous with late nights and even later mornings, especially for pre-teens and adolescents. But all-nighters can wreak havoc on kids once the school year begins. Help your kids gradually adjust to the school year schedule in the weeks before the first day of school by making sure they go to bed earlier every night and wake up earlier every morning.

Tour a new school and meet with your child’s teacher
Whether your child is attending a new school due to a recent move, re-zoning, or reaching middle school or high school, it’s important to make sure he or she is comfortable and familiar with it before the first day. Many schools have opportunities for students and their parents to both tour the school and meet teachers before the school year begins. Take advantage of those opportunities to help your child’s transition into their next grade.

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