It may seem hard to believe, but Christmas is only a few short weeks away. And while the Christmas season can bring many added stresses to the lives of adults, it’s always a highly anticipated time of year for kids—especially when their parents go out of their way to make it a day they’ll never forget.

Christmas may seem particularly challenging for single dads, but it’s a great time to bond with your kids and establish lifelong traditions. And although children may seem more drawn to shiny gifts and the latest gadgets, family traditions—no matter how silly or cliché—are both comforting and fondly remembered by kids many years later.

Three tips you can follow to make sure your kids have a great Christmas this year include:

Watch a favorite Christmas movie together.
Nothing gets kids (and adults!) in the Christmas spirit quite like a holiday classic. Whether it’s a 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story, corny comedies like Jingle All the Way and The Santa Clause, or true classics like Christmas Vacation, finding a holiday-themed movie you can watch with your kids every year is a great way to establish a Christmas tradition.

Help your kids make or purchase gifts for others.
Being able to give gifts to others is just as important to kids as it is to adults, especially as they get older. However, kids may often struggle with finding the right gifts for their siblings, grandparents, and other family members. Assisting them with this task can be a great way to bond during the holiday season while teaching the importance and joy of giving to others. It’s also a perfect opportunity to help them learn more about their family members, including their likes and dislikes.

Bend the rules as the big day approaches.
If you’ve established strict bed times or time limits on video games and tablets, consider relaxing them in the lead up to Christmas Day, especially if your kids have been especially well-behaved. But be sure to make the lifted restrictions part of family time by staying up late with your kids or challenging them to their favorite games. Getting to “break the rules” is always a treat for children and can help make their time with you during the holidays even more memorable.

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