More and more companies are on board with helping employees improve their work-life balance. After all, countless studies have shown that workers are more productive and more loyal when they feel satisfied with their personal lives outside the office. But having kids changes what an ideal work-life balance is for many people. Instead of being free to join coworkers for happy hour, many parents are more concerned being able to pick their children up from school or attend an after-school event.

If your job has elements of flexibility, taking advantage of certain perks can help you achieve the work-life-kids balance you need to thrive professional, personally, and parentally. However, it’s important to keep these three aspects of your life in proper balance. Focusing exclusively on one or two can help you get ahead in certain ways, but another major part of your life may suffer.

A few tips that all dads can use at work to streamline their lives and find success at every turn include:

Ask for work-from-home opportunities.
Working from home has unique challenges, including potential communication issues and a lack of structure during the day. And while it’s not for everyone, workers who can thrive without direct supervision enjoy many perks, including avoiding long commutes and being more flexible with their children. Simply being at home when your kids head off to school or arrive in the afternoon is a great way to make sure they’re happy and healthy.

Negotiate for more PTO instead of a raise.
No one wants to turn down extra money, but many studies have shown that workers prefer extra time off over raises. If your financial needs are already met but you’re feeling burned out, a few extra days off per year instead of an annual raise can help you recharge your batteries and give you more time to spend with your children.

Take advantage of flex-time schedules and work hours.
Many offices and workplaces have ditched traditional 8-5 business hours in favor of flexible schedules. Even if your office isn’t a true “results-only work environment,” you still may be able to arrive early and leave early, or arrive later and work later. Working outside the normal 8-5 can make it easier to spend time with your kids in the morning or evenings, or to make sure they get to school on time every day.

Your career is your livelihood, but it doesn’t have to be an impediment to self-improvement or building a strong relationship with your children. Stay focused on what’s important in your life, but never stop looking for opportunities to gain control over your work week and the time you can spend with your kids.

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